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Ways to Keep the Exterior of Your Home Clean

Ways to Keep the Exterior of Your Home Clean Everyone knows the first impression of a home can make or break a sale, or even receiving visitors. As you already know, to keep your home in the best shape possible, you must take the time to maintain it. This goes for both inside your home […]

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Why Smart Lighting is Totally Worth It

Smart lighting is an integral feature of any home automation. Smart lights use wireless transmissions to send and receive their signals, and different bulbs use different methods. Some use Bluetooth radios that connect directly to your phone or hub, as long as you’re within 50 feet of them. Others use Wi-Fi radios to connect directly […]

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How To Prep Your Home For Fall

The Mid-Atlantic region is prepping for fall. Cooler weather is rolling into the area in a few weeks. What a perfect time to prep your home for fall! Clean or Replace Gutters. Hire a service to clear your gutters or do it yourself. Remove leaves, nests, and debris from gutters and check for leaks. Fertilize Your […]

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Weekly Housing Trends: Week of July 9, 2022

What this Week’s Data Means: We are in the middle of the summer season, historically the peak of homebuying activity. In a typical year, the warmer months are abuzz with transactions, as families with school-age children seek larger homes and urban professionals look for a beach home. This year’s summer housing markets are feeling the […]

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10 Home Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Purchasing a house is an exciting and rewarding endeavor, but once you’re in the home, do you know how to maintain it? Putting off routine maintenance can have long-lasting effects on your house. Clogged gutters turn into water damage, weather can damage deck, and roof siding concrete over time. A little effort goes a long way […]

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Weekly Housing Trends: Week of February 5, 2022

What this Week’s Data Means Sentiment among homebuyers and potential sellers may have dipped in January, but it hasn’t dampened activity according to the indicators we track weekly.’s weekly housing data points to a brisk housing market as we move into February. The pace of home price growth ticked higher and homes are selling even faster than […]

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