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The Step-by-Step Guide to Sell a Home Fast

 Sell a Home Fast in Bel Air, MD, from the Area’s Best Realtor

Just about every home seller has two primary goals guiding their real estate journey: sell a home fast and get top dollar for it. Accomplishing these goals is not a matter of luck but rather having the right advice and guidance from experts in the real estate industry.

If you and your family have decided to sell a home in Maryland, our real estate team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo is here to help. We have a 12-step guide that leads you through the process step-by-step to ensure that you are successful.

As you know, your home is probably your largest and most valuable asset, so selling it for the top price is essential for your continued financial success. Seeking a home is an important decision with many critical factors that need to be considered. That is why it is so important to have experts in the real estate industry providing you with information, resources, and tools, as well as their personal assistance.

If you are hoping to capitalize on and protect your most valuable asset, get rid of the stress commonly associated with the process, remain in control of your journey, and sell a home in Maryland fast, this guide can show you the way. And the best part is that all of this invaluable real estate information is 100% FREE to you and comes with no obligation!

Figure out Why You Are Selling a Home in Maryland

One of the first and most important things you need to figure out when you make the decision to sell a home is your motivation for selling. The answer to this question will be a primary factor in determining your approach to the sale. 

Your motivation will affect the asking price you list on the real estate market as well as the effort, money, and time you are willing to invest in the preparation of your home. If you want to sell your home for more, be sure to check out our free report.

Common Reasons to Sell a Home Fast in Maryland 

People sell homes for a wide variety of reasons, and each reason can affect the way in which you approach the sale. Here are some of the most common motivations for selling a home in Bel Air:

  • Transferring due to a new job
  • Trading up to a bigger house
  • Needing to downsize
  • Getting a smaller mortgage payment
  • Avoiding the real estate catch-22
  • Changing location or neighborhood
  • Being closer to family or medical facilities
  • Going through a divorce

Knowing and understanding your motivation for selling a home in Maryland can help you succeed in selling it fast and getting top dollar. Once you have established your motivation, it is vital that you keep that reason to yourself. 

Potential home buyers should never find out why you are selling because it could negatively affect your home selling potential. The only ones who should be aware are your family and your realtor.

Benefits of Keeping Your Home Selling Motivations to Yourself

One of the most crucial stages of any home selling process is the negotiation. This is where both sides are able to use their leverage in the transaction to get some type of benefit. If the home buyer knows your reasons for selling, it can give them an advantage as the negotiations progress.

Knowing, for instance, that you need to sell a home fast can give the home buyer (and their realtor) the opportunity to submit a lowball offer hoping that you will accept it given the necessity of speed in the transaction. If your home buyer happens to ask the reason you are selling a home, you can simply reply that your housing needs have changed.

Giving one of the reasons listed above could cause people to have a variety of different thoughts running through their minds. Those thoughts could be detrimental to your ability to sell a home fast Maryland and get the highest price. Below we will look at each reason in turn and help you understand what a home buyer may think.

Transferring Due to a New Job

Many people all around the country are getting new or different jobs, and this sometimes requires the individual to relocate. If this is the case, those people will generally want to sell fast so that they can promptly begin their new job. 

A home buyer may use this information to assume that you are desperate to sell fast and will submit a lower than expected offer. While you want to sell fast, you do not want to sacrifice profit so keep that reason to yourself.

Trading Up to a Bigger House

What was once the perfect home for you and your family may now have become a bit too small. There are many reasons why it feels a bit too cramped all of a sudden. Perhaps you are bringing an addition into the family or you are starting a home business. These and many other reasons could make the house feel too small. If this is the case, you may need to move up to a larger home, and we have the Moving Up Guarantee to protect your interests.

Needing to Downsize

As with the house becoming too small, there are reasons why your home may begin to feel too large. If you have become an empty nester, you are going through a divorce, or you simply cannot keep up with the maintenance anymore, you may need a smaller home. 

No matter the explanation, you do not want your home buyer to find this out either, for much the same reason as above. They may think it is too big for their needs as well and move to a smaller home – one you may even be interested in purchasing.

Getting a Smaller Mortgage Payment

Everyone would prefer to have a smaller monthly mortgage payment, including your home buyer. They will be able to see what you originally paid for the house, so it is important that you price it according to its current market value. Home buyers may think that your asking price is overpriced if it is listed too close to your original purchase price. 

To find out what your home is worth in the current real estate market, be sure to contact our experienced realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo. We will make sure you list it correctly to sell quickly. 

Avoiding the Real Estate Catch-22 

The Real Estate Catch-22 is a serious dilemma that some homeowners find themselves facing. It occurs when you are simultaneously buying and selling a home in Maryland, and the timing does not work out just right. 

If you already have an offer on another house but your current home has not yet sold, potential home buyers may submit a low offer because they know you are desperate to avoid finding yourself in the Real Estate Catch-22. This is why it is so important to work with a realtor like ours with a guaranteed home sale program to prevent this from occurring.

Changing Scenery or Location

In some circumstances, you may simply not want to remain in your current location because it has become boring or uninteresting to you. There may not be anything wrong with it, but you should not let your home buyers know this. They will assume that you’re leaving because there is a problem with the neighborhood or area, and this could derail the home selling process.

Being Closer to Family or Medical Facilities

Medical problems are no one’s business but your own, but medical issues can most certainly raise red flags in the minds of home buyers. This is especially true thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. If there is even the slightest chance (real or imagined) that there may be something contagious in the home, a home buyer will quickly walk away.

Research the Right Asking Price to Sell a Home Fast in Maryland

When a home buyer views a real estate listing, one of the top aspects of that listing is the price. Home buyers have a set price range they are willing to spend, and this is why the asking price is so critical. As a home seller, you want home buyers to know the maximum they will pay for your home, but you also want to get as close to your asking price as possible when you sell.

That means you will need to do some research concerning the asking price that you should set in your listing. If the price is too high, home buyers and realtors may not take you seriously. Too low of an asking price will lead to much less profit for you than expected. Our realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo offer you protection with several seller satisfaction guarantees.

Where You Live in Maryland May Affect Your Listing Price

When you are figuring out your asking price to put in your real estate listing, it is important to factor into the price the area in Maryland in which you live. The location of your home can affect your ability to sell a home fast and for top dollar. 

Part of your research should be to find out what the homes in your area have sold for in the past 6 months or so to understand what a good listing price should be for your location. We have given you a few scenarios below that can help to illustrate this point:

Living in a Subdivision

If your home is located in a subdivision, it is quite simple for a potential home buyer to find a comparable house to yours. This will give them an idea of the price they should expect when looking at homes for sale in the subdivision since most homes will have similar or identical floor plans. 

Unless you have clearly visible upgrades or major differences in the house, a home buyer may be unwilling to pay a higher price for your home. This fact should be taken into account during your home selling process.

Living in an Older Neighborhood

When your home is located in an older neighborhood, it can be very challenging to find homes that are comparable to yours in order to determine a clear and reasonable asking price. That is why it is important to work with a real estate expert such as ours at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo to assist you with every step of the home selling process.

Selling Your Own Home

For those who want to avoid a realtor’s commission on the sale of their homes, they may try to sell it on their own. This process is very challenging because you do not have the experience and skills of a real estate professional working for you to ensure your success. 

Setting the asking price can also be a greater challenge, so you will have to find good ways to establish the value of your home. One way is to check what other homes in the area have sold for in the past 6 months as well as those which are currently for sale.

Another way is to access public records at City Hall concerning local home sales. Most communities have this information available upon request . If you are truly set on selling your own home in Maryland, be sure to read our latest report, How To Sell Your Home Without An Agent And Save The Commission!

Window Shop for Homes on Your Own

If you want to know what competing homes are doing to get the attention of home buyers or what can make home buyers turn away, it is wise to go to other open houses in your area. Be sure to check out such things as:

  • Floor plans
  • Condition and appearance of the home
  • Size of the lot
  • Location
  • Extra features

Part of your research should be noting the asking price and then the final selling price. Knowing how different those two numbers are will give you insight into the current real estate market. And, be sure you are not pricing your home higher than your neighbor’s unless you have something that a home buyer will see is worth the extra money.

Only the Right Realtor Will Sell a Home Fast in Bel Air

If you do not decide to sell your home on your own, it is important that you choose the best realtor for your real estate needs. That realtor needs to be able to sell a home fast and for top dollar. 

To give you some assistance, be sure to find out about some essential realtor selection factors that you must consider during interviews with potential realtors. You should also be sure to ask the tough questions like these – Questions Real Estate Agents Hate – to weed out the mediocre from the best. Once you go through these, you will realize that our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo is truly your best choice in Bel Air.

Did you know that two-thirds of people who independently sold their homes who were also surveyed by The National Association of Realtors stated that they would not go through the process on their own again? And here’s why:

  • Setting a price
  • Marketing handicaps
  • Liability concerns
  • Time constraints 

Keep in mind that your choice of realtor is going to be a significant factor in your ability to sell a home in Bel Air fast and for top dollar. 

Vinny Steo and His Team Are Your Best Choice in Maryland

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo, we are an award-winning real estate team with plenty of market experience, skills, and regional knowledge. With our proven track record of selling homes fast and for the highest possible price, we are clearly your best choice in Maryland. No matter the state of the market, we can sell your home fast. 

Check out these statistics:

  • We sell houses 30% times faster than average realtors 
  • Our pre-qualified home buyers database has over 36,000 home buyers looking for a house like yours
  • Your home may sell before even listing it on the real estate market

There is simply no way to sell a home any faster than that! The best first step, though, is to get a FREE home evaluation.

Make a Great First Impression in Maryland

If you were going to a job interview, you would want to make a good first impression and look your best. The same is true for your home and its first impressions on potential home buyers. 

The appearance of your home will generate an emotional response, and that will go a long way in getting a home buyer to actually make an offer. If they like what they experience and can see themselves living in the home, you will likely get a solid offer.

Clean and Repair Everything

Having a clean and well-taken care of house can go a long way in making a good first impression. That means you need to clean everything – scrub, scour, and tidy on a daily basis. Here are some things to add to your to-do list:

  • Eradicate clutter
  • Eliminate dust
  • Repair squeaks, creeks, and squeals
  • Make minor repairs
  • Fill in cracks in the bathroom mirror or replace them

Anything may influence a home buyer to walk away from your home to the next one on the list. You don’t want to take any chances, so be sure to clean and repair everything you can think of in your home. 

Also, keep in mind that you are competing with other resale homes as well as new construction in Maryland.

No Nasty Odors

If your home stinks, it is a major turn-off. No one enjoys smelling something funky, so you need to be sure your home has no unpleasant odors. Things such as food, pets, and smoking can build up an odor in the home that you may not even be aware of.

If a home buyer picks up a scent (such as that of old smoke), they may also equate that odor to a stain that they simply cannot see. Even if it doesn’t exist, it could turn a home buyer away. Don’t take any chances – clean everything.

Figure Out What Is Motivating Home Buyers in Maryland

Do you know your motivation? Good. Now it is time to figure out what is motivating home buyers to invest in a property in Maryland. Why? Because you can use it to your advantage during negotiations.

Knowing what is motivating a home buyer will allow you to control the pace and duration of the negotiating process. Remember, home buyers are looking to purchase the most house for the least money. You need to negotiate effectively to get the price you want.

Stay in the House until It Is Sold

Did you know that selling a vacant house is actually much more difficult than selling one which still appears to be occupied? It’s true. A vacant home ends up looking forlorn, forgotten, and abandoned – all very unappealing to potential home buyers. 

Additionally, home buyers can tell when you are eager to sell quickly, and they will take advantage of that. Remaining in your home until it is sold can save you thousands of dollars.

What’s the Home Buyer’s Budget and Time Frame to Close?

Another way to get an edge in negotiations is by understanding a home buyer’s budget and their closing timeline. Be sure you know what a home buyer is qualified to borrow – including the down payment – and if they can actually afford the asking price and the true value of the home.

Likewise, you should be aware of the fact that a home buyer’s preferred closing date is probably a much-needed closing date. If they are up against a strict deadline to close, they will be much more willing to negotiate in your favor. All of this information allows you to sell a home in your time frame and make the process as risk-free as possible for you.

Stay Calm and Collected

As you probably know, getting emotional in a serious situation can lead to mistakes being made. During a real estate transaction, it is vital that you keep your emotions in check, especially throughout the negotiation process. You will have the advantage if the home buyer ends up becoming more emotional. Just think of it as a business transaction.

How to Handle a Home Buyer’s Low Offer

It is an unfortunate commonality that the first offer you receive on your home for sale will be much lower than your asking price. The home buyer who made the offer is well-aware that he will be paying more, but the lowball offer is made to test the waters. 

Here are a couple of ways to handle it:

Remain Calm and Don’t Take It to Heart

If and when you receive a low initial offer, be sure you do not panic or take it to heart. Just stay calm and evaluate the offer objectively. Be sure to check the following:

  • It spells out the offering price
  • There is a sufficient deposit on the down payment
  • The mortgage amount is noted
  • A closing date is stated
  • Special requests are written out

Now that you have an initial offer, you can use it as a starting point for your negotiations.

Have a Counter Offer Ready

Once you have evaluated the offer, you can turn it around with a counter offer. Be sure it is just under your asking price to show the home buyer that their initial offer was not taken seriously and you are ready to discuss real terms.

You can also rely on the fact that you will be negotiating with serious home buyers only. This will enable you to sell a home in Bel Air fast. If your home does not sell for some reason, our realtors at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo are here to give you the answers you need so that your home will sell quickly the next time you list it for sale. 

Carefully Calculate Your List Price for a Fast Sale

When you are selling a home, the listing price is not something you just pull out of thin air. It is a price that needs to be carefully considered and calculated using the most up-to-date information about the real estate market.

The most common questions that realtors are asked is how much can a home be sold for and how long will it take to sell the home . These two questions can be answered through the process of figuring out a reasonable asking price. Be sure to work with a real estate expert to help with these calculations and get your home sold as fast as possible.

Cash Home Buyers = Fast Selling Process

A great way to sell your home fast is to sell it for cash. It can also ensure that you get the most out of your property and give you the freedom to buy a house without any new debt. So, how do you find these cash home buyers? 

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo, we have a database of pre-qualified cash home buyers who are eager to buy your home for cash. We will use our marketing systems and consumer programs to find the best-qualified prospects for your house. And don’t worry, we will not ask you to leave your house unless we have a pre-qualified home buyer who truly wants to invest in your house.

Sell a House in Bel Air Fast with Us

Are you ready to sell a home in Maryland? Want to get it done fast? Our team at Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo will ensure that you are able to sell your home fast and for top dollar. Give Vinny Steo a call at 410-220-0016 or fill out the form with the requested information to get a detailed response from our experts. 

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