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Weekly Housing Trends: Week of November 20, 2021

What this Week’s Data Means: After two weeks of gains, new listings dipped 2% below year-ago levels in the last full week before Thanksgiving. This shift has intensified some hallmarks of competition relative to last year: homes sold 11 days faster and there were 27% fewer listings available for sale. One indicator that didn’t shift, however, […]

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Weekly Housing Trends: Week of October 2, 2021

What this Week’s Data Means: Early fall is usually the best time of year for buyers to purchase a home, with the nationwide optimal time for homebuyers expected to be this week. With September inventory hitting 2021 highs, this season holds promise even though one of the big take-aways from this week’s data is that weakness in the […]

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Weekly Housing Trends: Week of September 25, 2021

Our research team releases regular monthly housing trends reports. These reports break down inventory metrics like the number of active listings and the pace of the market. In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we want to give readers more timely weekly updates. Generally, you can look forward to a Weekly Housing Trends View near the […]

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