Vinny Steo
Vinny Steo

Your March House News (HOMEWARD Bound Impactful Real Estate News)

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Vinny Steo

In March, for anyone considering making a move that you refer to me, we will guarantee them in writing their home will sell or we’ll buy it at a price acceptable to them.

Spring is Springing! Yay! I just came inside from shooting a video outside and WOW! It’s nice out! Yes, I realize that when you get this, it could be cold and rainy, but those cold days are just about over. Everyone loves Spring, primarily because it means… Summer is near! For many across this great country though, it’s still cold, grey, and snowy! One thing is for sure, this Winter season is ending. It does every year without fail.

Just like the weather seasons come and go, so do the seasons of life. I just turned 53, and my only daughter who just turned 11 is now helping the community like I do through worthy causes supported by her school. Are you with me when I say these seasons seem to come and go faster and faster, as well as

time? My wife reminded me last night we have shared 21 of my birthdays together. Some of life’s seasons will be HOT and others will be COLD, some high and some low. The lows we want to move by quickly, the highs we want to stay forever. But it’s the low points, those tough times, that I have learned from the most. All of the experiences through these seasons made me who I am.

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