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Quick Guide to Living in Adams County, Pennsylvania

If you’re thinking of living Adams County, Pennsylvania, you’re making a great choice. Adams County offers family-friendly entertainment, fun activities, and amenities that make it a popular area.

This quick guide will give you an accurate preview of the Ultimate Pennsylvania Relocation Guide, available for free below. This guide was created by Vinny Steo, one of the most reliable real estate agents in Adams County, to give you real knowledge of the Adams area.

You’ll learn all the well known locations that make Adams County such a nice place to live, whether you’re looking to start a family, retire, or just find an upscale place to live and work.

Living in in Adams County

  • Population: 104,127
  • Median age: 44
  • Median household income: $68,411
  • Averages 196 days of sunshine a year

What Food is Adams County Best Known For?

Living in Adams County offers beautiful neighborhoods and a popular food scene, with a variety of delicious eateries, breweries, and bars.

Some of the highest-rated restaurants are Food 101, Dobbin House Tavern, and Blue & Gray Bar & Grill. Each one has thousands of five-star reviews from happy customers on their Google business pages.

Check out these additional options for just a taste of what Adams County has to offer:

  • The Gettysburger Company – for Jumbo burgers & other homestyle classics served with draft beer at this old-school restaurant.
  • Mason Dixon Distillery – for new American eats & craft cocktails are the specialties at this relaxed venue with a laid–back vibe.
  • Gettysburg Eddie’s – a casual American restaurant & sports bar dedicated to local baseball Hall of Famer Edward Plank.

Our complete guide includes many more restaurant suggestions that range from casual diners and cafes to steakhouses and fine dining– and everything in between!

How To Spend The Day in Adams County

Live music, theaters, museums, malls – you name it, Adams County’s got it all! Bring the whole family to take a walk around Gettysburg National Military Park.

American Helicopter Museum & Education Center and Brandywine Museum of Art are also great ways to spend your weekend. They make fun, educational excursions for everyone!

What Attractions Are In Adams County?

There are several family-friendly attractions around Adams County, and each one offers visitors something different. For example, Mister Ed’s Elephant Museum & Candy Emporium is home to great animals and candy.

Gettysburg Museum of History, on the other hand, has educational war exhibits & artifacts

Museums not your thing? No worries, check out Mason Dixon Distillery, for spirits distilled within a century-old furniture factory and bottled by hand

Our complete Ultimate Pennsylvania Relocation Guide will give you endless ideas to play and explore in the Adams area!

What Is the Job Market Like?

If you’ve moved to Adams County, Pennsylvania, for a new job, you’re part of the area’s explosive job growth. As a whole, Adams County’s economy is going strong, with future job growth over the next ten years expected to be 30.7%. 

Some of the top employers in Adams County include: 

  • Knouse Foods – for tree to table top quality fruit handled with care.
  • Hain Pure Protein Corporation – your single source for the finest brands of All Natural, Antibiotic Free, Vegetarian Fed, Humanely Raised poultry products.
  • Mott’s LLP – the leading producer of healthy applesauce and fruit juices for kids, adults, and the whole family.

Are There Good Schools in the Area?

Wondering what universities are in the area? Or looking for the perfect grade school for your young kids? Adams County, Pennsylvania, has a number of great schools waiting to give them the high-quality education they deserve.

Top universities include Gettysburg College and Harrisburg Area Community College.

For grade schools, parents have 25 different options to choose from, including private schools.

And if you’re a military family, every school in the country provides a military life counselor to give kids and their families the one-on-one support they need.

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