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Living in Pikesville, MD

Fast Facts About Pikesville, MD

What to know about living in Pikesville.

Population: 32,871

Distance from:

  • Baltimore: 19mins
  • Washington, D.C.: 1hr 3mins
  • Philadelphia: 1hr 52mins

Nearest airport:

Median income: 

  • Individual: $46,754
  • Household: $85,343

County: Baltimore

Type of location: CDP

Why is Pikesville a Nice Place to Live?

Pikesville is a quaint town immediately outside of Baltimore. The area is home to a beautiful downtown, delicious restaurants, and trendy shops. Those living in Pikesville enjoy family-friendly activities.

Pikesville offers high-quality public schools within Baltimore City Public Schools. Its mission is to provide a foundation for learning that acknowledges diverse needs and common goals to prepare students for success in college and in the global workforce.

What is Pikesville Known For?

Pikesville is known for offering peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of Baltimore. Offering diversity and culture, the area has great scenery and sought-after views. Those living in Pikesville enjoy the vibrant business community and relaxing parks.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Pikesville?

Some of the top restaurants in and around Pikesville with the highest-rated Google reviews include:

  • Maggie’s Restaurant, serving casual American eats & French specialties in an old-fashioned space with a deck, patio & woodsy pub.
  • The Silk Road Bistro, serving classic Uzbek dishes in a relaxed setting with traditional decor & weekly belly dancing.
  • Mimi’s Mediterranean Grille, a casual chain restaurant serving French & American staples in a rustic-inspired setting.
  • Milk & Honey Bistro Restaurant and Catering, a casual, simply appointed kosher cafe offering breakfast, sandwiches, pizza & more.
  • Oasis Uzbek Kebab House, for central Asian cuisine like plov, chebureki & tandoori samsas in a decorative Uzbek-style restaurant.

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