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Living in Harford County, MD

Fast Facts About Harford County, MD

What to know about living in Harford County.

Population: 262,977

Distance from:

  • Baltimore County: 48mins
  • Howard County.: 1hr 4mins
  • Prince George’s County: 1hr 31mins

Nearest airport:

Median income: 

  • Individual: $43,528
  • Household: $94,003

County: Harford

Type of location: County

Why is Harford County a Nice Place to Live?

Harford County is a family-friendly place to live situated in a convenient location. The county is home to diverse towns and bountiful culture. From cities to rural towns, Harford County boasts an eclectic selection of peaceful neighborhoods, safe streets, and friendly neighbors. Those living in Harford County enjoy the true charm of this beautiful area.

Harford County offers high-quality public schools as part of Harford County Public Schools. Its mission is to have each student attain academic and personal success in a safe and caring environment that honors the diversity of students and staff.

What is Harford County Known For?

Harford County is known for offering scenic views, sought-after entertainment, fun city life, and serene small town living. From Ma & Pa Heritage Trail to Annie’s Playground, Harford County has it all. Those living in Harford County feel a true sense of community and pride living here.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Harford County?

Some of the top restaurants in Harford County with the highest-rated Google reviews include:

  • Box Hill Pizzeria & Crab Cakes, where pizza & crab cakes share the spotlight in a casual mall space that also offers subs, salads & pasta.
  • Winters Run Inn Inc, for crabs, shrimp & other seafood turned out in a humble setting with a full bar & pool table.
  • Fuji Sushi, a big selection of raw fish & rolls supplemented by Thai & other Asian eats in hip environs.
  • Sunny Day Cafe, a daytime eatery turning out crepes, omelets, sandwiches & salads in a snug, brightly colored space.
  • Vagabond Sandwich Company, sandwiches & salads offered in a relaxed storefront with a traveling-inspired setup.

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