Vinny Steo
Vinny Steo

Guaranteed Estate Sales for Attorneys

We Guarantee Your Client’s Estate Sale!

No matter what is happening in the market, real estate is usually the largest and most difficult asset to liquidate in an estate.

Vinny Steo explains what the Estate Guarantee program means for Estate and Probate Attorneys

We solve this dilemma for Estate and Probate Attorneys by guaranteeing complete, turn-key property management of the home from day 1 until settlement including:

  • Cleanout crews, contractors, locksmiths, landscaping, winterization, property inspections, and estate and auction services for valuable items
  • Pay all contractors immediately and then invoice the estate
  • Negotiate with short sale investors making offers on the property and work directly with the servicer
  • Coordinate all showings in a professional manner
  • Handle all quick sales in an expedient manner
  • Maintain a database of existing buyers and cash investors already looking in the area

What We Guarantee You

#1 Hassle-free Estate Sales – If you get a complaint from your client that some element of the sale is not handled properly, we will donate $300 of the commission earned to the charity of your choice

#2 No Contractor Payment Complaints – They are paid immediately upon completion of work by our company and the estate is then invoiced by us 

#3 Day-to-Day Agreement – Your client can cancel our authorization to sell their property at any time with no cancellation fee or waiting period prior to receiving a written offer of at least 85% of market value

#4 Complete Client Loyalty – We guarantee to never mention any other attorney or title company (if you provide title services) to your clients at any time and to always refer them back to you regarding legal matters 

#5 Title Referrals – If we bring a buyer to your client’s estate sale, we will refer that buyer to your title company

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