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Food Tip of the Week: Persimmons

Food Tip of the Week: Persimmons

One of the more obscure autumn-time fruits that have been gaining in popularity over recent years is the “Persimmons” There are two primary varieties that are marketed in the United States. They are the “Hachiya” and the “Fuyu”.

The Hachiya is a beautiful fruit about the size of a medium peach, acorn-shaped with a shiny bright orange skin. It is strongly recommended that you each this variety only after it is fully ripe. If you eat it prior to the fruit being completely ripe, the taste will be very bitter and have an astringent
flavor. When ripe, the fruit has a sweet creamy taste. This variety accounts for about 20% of the persimmons sold in the United States.

The Fuyu, which makes up 80% of the U.S. market, is a squattier and rounder piece of fruit, almost like a tomato. It can be eaten almost immediately. It has a sweet, mildly spicy flavor.

China is the largest producer of persimmons, followed by Brazil, Japan, and Korea. The United States grows very few persimmons compared to the other countries but virtually all the domestic crop comes from California. Supplies are ample from October through December.

So be sure which variety you have before you take a bite. It could either be one of the best or worst experiences in expanding your fruit horizons.

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