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Food Tip of the Week: Passion Fruit

Food Tip of the Week: Passion Fruit

   Native to Brazil, Passion Fruit is the edible fruit of the passion flower. This tropical fruit grows on the passionflower plant and comes from the genus passiflora, which is actually the Hebrew word for the fruit. The two main commercial varieties available are Hawaiian yellow and New Zealand purple. They are oval in shape and about  three inches long. Both the yellow and purple have a sweet-and-tart flavor, but the purple fruit is juicier and less acidic. When ripe, the skin is a deep purple-brown and the pulp is bright yellow sprinkled with edible black seeds.

Occasionally eaten directly out of the shell, passion fruit is more commonly sieved, and its highly aromatic pulp and juice are used as a flavoring for beverages and sauces.

The fruit is available year-round from Florida, February to July from New Zealand and July to March from California.

Passion fruit is a good source of vitamins A and C and potassium and one passion has on 16 calories. So add a little passion into your day, it’s not only good but it’s good for you.

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