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Food Tip of the Week: Granny Smith Apples

Food Tip of the Week: Granny Smith Apples

Introduced into the market in 1868, Granny Smith apples are a favorite of all sour apple fans.  The origins of Granny Smith apples can be traced back to an Australian grandmother named Maria Ann Smith.  She cultivated some discarded French crabapples into what we have today. Who knew this simple step would shape one of the most popular types of apples consumed today!

Widely used for baking, especially in pies, the Granny Smith is also perfect for salads.  The Granny’s high acid content keeps the meat clean and crisp longer when exposed to the atmosphere.  So, fruit salads keep a fresh appearance for an extended period of time.
In addition to being a versatile cooking apple, the Granny Smith makes an excellent snack.  Many people enjoy the crisp, tart flavor that is a Granny Smith Apple.

Grannies, like all apples, possess chemicals that help to counter LDL, the bad cholesterol that blocks arteries.  They also aid in digestion, and there is some scientific evidence that they act as a cancer-fighting agent.

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